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Top MarTech News From the Week of November 10th: Updates from Iterable, HubSpot, Optimove, and More

MarTech News November 10th

MarTech News November 10th

The editors at Solutions Review have curated this list of the most noteworthy MarTech news from the week of November 10th. This round-up covers announcements and updates from Iterable, HubSpot, Optimove, and more.

Keeping tabs on the most relevant CRM and MarTech news can be time-consuming. As a result, our editorial team aims to summarize the week’s top headlines in the marketing technology landscape. The Solutions Review editors will compile a weekly round-up of vendor product news, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital funding, talent acquisition, and other noteworthy MarTech news. With that in mind, here is some of the top MarTech news from November 10th.

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Top MarTech News From the Week of November 10th, 2023

Act-On Software Expands its Integration Capabilities

Act-On Software, an enterprise marketing automation solution provider, has expanded its integration options with new webhooks technology. These “advanced” webhooks technologies will expand Act-On’s integration portfolio and help companies open up new marketing channels, improve customer engagement, and maximize communication efficiency for the marketing team. Additionally, these updates can help brands utilize direct mail strategies, maintain prospect trust with effective subscription adjustment, improve event registration processes, and more.

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CallMiner Debuts New Capabilities for its Conversation Intelligence Solution

CallMiner, a conversation intelligence solution provider, has announced several new and updated features for its platform. The capabilities—revealed at CallMiner’s annual LISTEN user conference event—are designed to expand the company’s existing AI efforts, including its generative AI tools and omnichannel AI-based contact summarization. These new features include enhanced advanced search capabilities, expanded agent guidance to chat via CallMiner RealTime, an improved user experience for CallMiner Coach, and updated reporting dashboards.

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Cresta Releases New AI Features for Contact Center Agents

Cresta, a generative AI solution provider for contact centers, has announced several new AI enhancements designed to provide agents with more tools for making data-driven decisions that boost productivity and curate effective customer interactions. The updates coming to Cresta Outcome Insights, Cresta Knowledge Assist, and Cresta Opera are powered by the latest large language models (LLMs) and generative AI technologies. They will improve users’ engagement with the Cresta platform by improving performance, insights, and overall productivity.

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HubSpot Enters Into an Agreement to Acquire Clearbit

HubSpot has announced its plans to acquire Clearbit, a B2B data solution provider. The acquisition will help HubSpot customers improve their operations with expanded customer intelligence capabilities, bring third-party company data into their system of record, and combine Clearbit’s capabilities and HubSpot AI in one platform, allowing users to easily understand their data and use it to extract actionable insights. Once the transaction is complete, Clearbit will become a wholly owned subsidiary of HubSpot and eventually be integrated as an offering within the HubSpot customer platform.

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Iterable Announces its 2023 Fall Product Release

Iterable, an AI-powered customer communication platform, has released details on its 2023 Fall Product Release, introducing AI-driven experiment tools, an updated Identity Toolkit, and new data partner integrations with companies like Justuno and Extole. With these updates, Iterable can help companies provide more personalization to customers, accelerate optimization efforts at scale, manage customer identity data, streamline experimentation with AI-generated text, increase subscriber acquisitions, and use zero and first-party data to create better campaigns.

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Optimove Launches OptiGenie, a New AI-Powered Solution Suite

Optimove, a Customer-Led Marketing Platform, has announced OptiGenie, a new AI-powered solution suite embedded in Optimove’s platform. This will allow Optimove clients to optimize their marketing workflows at every stage, making it easier to deliver personalized customer messages that match the speed of a customer’s interaction with the brand. OptiGenie has three primary capabilities: Generative AI Insights, AI Target Group Discovery, and AI Self-Optimizing Streams. These will help users extract insights about their business, identify ideal target audiences, scale personalization efforts, and more.

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Solutions Review’s William Jepma Compiles Definitive Guide on the White House’s New EO on AI, Through Quotes

As you can expect, there was a lot of discussion around the Executive Order, what it might mean for AI regulation, and how it will affect the trends involved in governing, developing, and using AI in enterprises across industries. See critical commentary from industry experts who shared their thoughts on the EO and how it will change AI’s role in business.

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Solutions Review Set to Host Monte Carlo & Salesforce for Exclusive GenAI Event on November 30th

With the next Spotlight event, the team at Solutions Review has partnered with Monte Carlo (and their partner Salesforce) for an informative webinar show. While GenAI has its fair share of hype, data leaders are being tasked by executives with investing in AI across the business. But how can we ensure that these technologies are valuable and impactful?

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