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2014 Site Search Survey Reveals Missed Opportunities for Retail Marketers

2014 Site Search Survey Reveals Missed Opportunities for Retail Marketers

2014 Site Search Survey Reveals Missed Opportunities for Retail MarketersThe majority of online retailers are not reaching their full site search potential, according to a new survey conducted by SLI Systems.  On November 12, SLI Systems – a full-service site search and user-generated SEO provider released its findings from the “2014 Site Search Survey.”  From September 18 to October 5, 2013, the online poll collected responses from 161 eCommerce executives and managers from across the globe.

The survey reveals that 57 percent of eCommerce companies do not use their site search data and reports to enhance marketing and sales initiatives.  In the “Site Search Survey,” SLI suggests that the results demonstrate a significant missed opportunity for retail marketers to improve brand recognition, customer interaction, and most importantly sales.  Of the respondents that utilize site search data for their marketing campaigns, only 25 percent said they integrate site search data to customize email offerings to clients.

When asked why they are not utilizing more site search techniques to enhance marketing and sales programs, 50 percent said it was due to limited resources.  30 percent said they do not know how to use data effectively and 10 percent said their current search solution does not allow for integration with marketing programs.

Making Adjustments for 2014

As a new year approaches, the respondents said that their top priorities for 2014 are: developing their e-commerce platform, site search and SEO, and mobile and customer-focused analytics.   For 2014, 47 percent of eCommerce executives are planning on incorporating more features, functionality, and data collected from site search to improve marketing practices.  “Retailers know site search is a must-have element of any online business approach.  But they should also be aware of the rich benefits site search can provide to marketing and sales strategies.  Using the right site search solution, retailers can glean valuable insights on visitor habits and buying behavior to help them deliver a richer user experience – which, in turn, encourages a purchase,” says Geoff Brash, co-founder of SLI Systems.

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