Data Integration Buyer's Guide


Astera’s DI solution is scalable, and free of manual coding. Their platform enables users to distill coding into drag-and-drop or point-and-click operations.


Attunity’s data replication software supports a range of enterprise sources and targets to accelerate and reduce the costs of moving data.


CloverETL allows you to move, reformat, and change data between different locations. It offers a set of components that can be extended and customized.


With Jitterbit, you can design, deploy and manage the DI process. Their ETL tools provide an easy-to-use interface to simplify the process.

Liaison Technologies

Liaison’s data transformation solution provides data modeling, mapping and migration so you can automate and consolidate business processes.


Microsoft’s SQL Server offers in-memory performance built into the database for transactions, queries and analytics to enable enterprise-ready solutions.


Pentaho’s solution supports Hadoop, NoSQL, and analytic databases. It can support the process from ETL to real-time analysis and data visualization.

Progress Software

Progress Software offers a DataDirect integration suite that allows organizations to transform both structured and unstructured data through unified access


SAP provides a solution that can help to collect, manage, store and retrieve data from multiple sources, and provides direct connectivity to enterprise applications.


Talend Real-Time Big Data delivers data processing, real-time analytics and interoperability, enabling the ability to turn data into real-time decisions.