Solutions Review  –  Documenting the Evolution

Solutions Review Lobby MacintoshWe love technology. Not just enterprise solutions, but the whole evolution we find ourselves in right now.  We are passionate about the stories that are unfolding everyday around the latest advancements in data analytics and management, applications and networks, mobility and the cloud.

Solutions Review Lobby AltairAnd we are fascinated with the past as well. In our office lobby we have assembled an exhibit of the important moments and innovations that have propelled this technology revolution. Like a copy of the 1975 Popular Electronics Magazine announcing the Altair 8800 – the very magazine that caused Bill Gates and Paul Allen to drop out of Harvard and start Microsoft less then 6 months later. Or the original Apple Macintosh from 1984 and a Kaypro II – at 29 lbs. one of the first “portable” computers.

Motorola Dynatac 8800 GekkoWe display a Hayes SmartModem and copies of Novell Netware and Netscape Navigator – the building blocks that got us all online. And we keep a Motorola DynaTAC brick phone beside a Blackberry R957 along with a collection of seminal smartphones from the Handspring Treo to the iPhone 2G, because these are some of the innovations that made it possible for us to be here now – documenting the evolution.

Making it Easier to Find the Right Solution

Back in 2012 when we launched Solutions Review, it was with a simple thought: Let’s make it easier for people to know what their options are when considering enterprise technology. So we went about building a resource heavy site that cut through the clutter of content and stripped out the marketing hyperbole.

Servers_200Unlike other technology sites that broadcast a wide variety of topics, we are “narrowcasters”. Each of our sites is singularly focused on a specific solution category like Identity Management, Wireless Networks or Data Integration. We employ a team of editors who aggregate, curate and create content on a daily basis. And we spend a great deal of time developing resources for buyers of enterprise solutions.

Every site has an online Solution Directory and a Video Gallery of Technology Demos, Walkthroughs and Overviews. We also maintain a Best Selling Book Page to make it easier for solution professionals to find additional written resources. But what may be our most valuable asset is our collection of Solution Buyer’s Guides. This is where we save busy people real time by doing all of the preliminary research for you and delivering it in one-stop document ready to take to your next internal meeting.

Solutions Review Buyers GuideOur team spends the hours required to sift through the flood of information presented by the top 24 vendors and delivers a straight forward summary of each solution. Available as a free downloadable .PDF document, each Buyer’s Guide also contains a category overview and the 10 Key Questions to Ask both yourself and potential providers.

Over the next couple of years we will be opening dozens of more Solutions Review sites. If you have any suggestions on sites you would like us to prioritize or want to connect on any other topic please reach out at our contact page.