Actian Unveils its Actian Avalanche Real-Time Connected Data Warehouse

Actian Unveils its Actian Avalanche Real-Time Connected Data Warehouse

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Actian has announced the launch of its Actian Avalanche Real-Time Connected Data Warehouse product with support for AWS and Azure cloud platforms. The vendor is touting the release as ‘the industry’s first and only’ cloud data warehouse to offer native data integration capabilities. The news comes on the heels of Actian’s initial release of Avalanche in October 2019. Actian Avalanche Real-Time Connected Data Warehouse enables customers to solve for unique situations like data analytics and real-time data ingestion.

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Avalanche’s hybrid design means users can query workloads across both on-prem and cloud environments, while Actian support for data federation means data does not need to be moved from its place of origin. Customers only need to use the compute and storage resources they need as well. Actian Avalanche also comes pre-packaged with connector support for more than 200 popular enterprise applications.

Actian Avalanche Real-Time Connected Data Warehouse incorporates Actian DataConnect, the company’s data integration offering. The addition of this functionality will limit the complexities of having to manage a standalone data integration product in conjunction with an enterprise data warehouse. The integration control pane is featured in a single user interface that operates and is managed in the cloud.

Semi-structured and streaming data can be accessed using pre-built templates for popular SaaS and on-prem applications like Salesforce, Oracle, SAP and NetSuite. the solution also offers zero performance penalty data updates, advanced federated hybrid query support, and the ability to deploy and manage on-prem or in multiple clouds on AWS, Azure or your own virtual private cloud deployment.

In a statement to Solutions Review, Actian’s Senior Vice President of Research and Development Raghu Chakravarthi told us: “Enterprises have multiple source operational applications, each with their own data models and data validation rules. We understand this data complexity and know that organizations need to be able to harness these varying data sets to support real-time analytics and decision-making.”

Actian is currently offering a free trial of Avalanche (30 days, $500 computing credit) on AWS and Azure.

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