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Ataccama Acquires Intelligent Data Visualization Startup Tellstory

Ataccama Acquires Intelligent Data Visualization Startup Tellstory
Ataccama Acquires Intelligent Data Visualization Startup Tellstory

Source: Ataccama

Ataccama recently announced its acquisition of Tellstory, a data visualization startup that offers engaging ways to tell data-driven stories. The buy will enable Ataccama to enrich its recently updated Ataccama ONE platform by completing the AI-powered data management and governance fabric with data visualization features. The Tellstory acquisition will enable Ataccama to enhance the offering by providing rich data stories that are relevant to a particular user or team. Data stewards will be able to add business context to data as well.

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Ataccama offers an augmented data management platform that features data discovery and profiling, metadata management and a data catalog, data quality management, master and reference data management, and big data processing and integration. The product is fully integrated yet modular for any data, user, domain or deployment type. Ataccama also includes text analytics and machine learning, as well as data enrichment with external sources and data lake profiling.

Tellstory will be launched as a multi-tenant tool with a free tier version available, along with the Ataccama ONE Gen2 GA release in March 2021. Later in the year, Tellstory will be integrated within the existing Ataccama ONE platform. It will enhance data exploration in the Ataccama Data Catalog and provide intelligent analytical capabilities on top of Ataccama ONE. Tellstory will also provide intelligent reporting capabilities for data quality projects. Similar functionality will be available on top of master data management repositories.

In a media statement, Tellstory’s UX Designer David Lazar said “Tellstory solves the problem of dashboards that are highly useful for analysts with specific, complex requirements, but painful for readers who are less skilled at configuring a BI tool, interpreting data, and finding critical bits of information. It visualizes data through data-driven stories, similar to a dynamic infographic. It leverages AI to provide active intelligence and data insights, selecting and highlighting the most interesting facts for the reader and recommending the optimal way to visualize them.”

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The entire team and leadership has joined Ataccama as part of the product organization.

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