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Cloudera Unveils Machine Learning and Analytics PaaS with SDX

Cloudera Unveils Machine Learning and Analytics PaaS with SDX
Cloudera Unveils Machine Learning and Analytics PaaS with SDX

Source: Cloudera

Cloudera has announced what it’s calling the industry’s first machine learning and analytics Platform as a Service. Cloudera Altus with SDX (shared data experience) provides business context of data via a shared data catalog. In addition, SDX enables Altus cloud services that include data engineering, analytic database (beta), and soon, data science. The solution touts a single trusted source for metadata for all machine learning and analytics services and users as well.

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Altus provides IT governance through workload management and security. The tool doesn’t forget the end-user either, by offering curated self-service access to data and their preferred tools. Altus runs atop the Amazon Web Services infrasturcture, with support for Microsoft Azure in beta. SDX is a modular framework that applies a centralized framework for schema, security, governance, and data ingest so that different customer applications can run against shared or overlapping sets of data.

Cloudera doesn’t name names, but puts the data analytics space on watch in its press release that explains how many of the market’s best tools fail to solve advanced use cases that support only single-purpose workloads. The company hopes to solve this by providing workloads that are designed to work with other cloud data services.

SDX is currently available as a self-managed reference architecture for Cloudera Enterprise, but will also be available in Altus. Cloudera has big plans for the Altus ecosystem in the months ahead, as Altus Data Science and Altus Analytic DB are coming in beta soon. Currently available tools include Altus Data Engineering on AWS and Altus Data Engineering (beta).

In a statement, the company’s general manager for the Cloud Business Unit Vikram Makhija added: “Cloudera Altus with SDX enables businesses to build and manage multi-function analytics use cases in the cloud, integrating data engineering, IoT, customer and operations analytics, with machine learning.”

Read the company’s press release.

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