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Collibra Nabs 2nd $100M+ Funding Round in Last 16 Months

Collibra Nabs 2nd $100M+ Funding Round in Last 16 Months
Collibra Nabs 2nd $100M+ Funding Round in Last 16 Months

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Collibra today announced a new $112.5 million-dollar Series F funding round, according to a press release on the company’s website. The funding comes at a post-money valuation of $2.3 billion and brings Collibra’s total capital raised to more than $335 million over 6 rounds since its founding in 2008. The round was led by existing investors and will enable Collibra to help its 450 customers via a suite of products that assist with data privacy, protection and compliance.

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The Collibra Platform is made up of four distinct solutions. Headlined by an enterprise data catalog called Collibra Catalog, the platform also includes Collibra Governance, Collibra Privacy & Risk, and now Collibra Lineage. Collibra documents an organization’s technical metadata and how it is used. It describes the structure of a piece of data, its relationship to other data, and its origin, format, and use. The solution serves as a searchable repository for users who need to understand how and where data is stored and how it can be used.

The Collibra funding news comes on the heels of the company’s January release of Collibra Lineage, a data lineage tool that enables organizations to understand where data comes from and how it flows and transforms across the enterprise. The launch of Collibra Lineage marked the first formal integration after Collibra acquired SQLdep in July of 2019. Collibra Lineage automatically maps the relationships between data points to show how they are built, aggregated, sourced and used. The tool then provides end-to-end lineage visualizations.

In a media statement about the funding news, Collibra co-founder and CEO Felix Van de Maele said: “We are passionate about helping companies better understand, trust and benefit from their data. Collibra is dedicated to helping organizations drive data collaboration across teams, and by partnering with our new and existing investors we further strengthen our position – and the position of our customers – to unlock the value of enterprise data.”

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