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Hitachi Vantara Set to Acquire Data Catalog Provider Waterline Data

Hitachi Vantara Set to Acquire Data Catalog Provider Waterline Data
Hitachi Vantara Set to Acquire Data Catalog Provider Waterline Data

Source: Hitachi Vantara on YouTube

Hitachi Vantara today announced its intent to acquire data cataloging solution provider Waterline Data. Integrating Waterline Data technology with Hitachi Vantara’s Lumada Data Services portfolio will provide a common metadata framework to help organizations break down data silos distributed across the cloud, data center, and the machines and devices at the edges of their networks. Waterline Data is based in Mountain View, California and raised more than $37 million in venture capital over three rounds since its founding in 2013.

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Waterline Data offers a data cataloging solution that uses machine learning to discover and manage enterprise data. The tool allows organizations to automatically and incrementally “fingerprint” data and infer its lineage by analyzing data values for relational, cloud, and Hadoop data. Fingerprinting works on the concept that a column of data has a distinctive signature that incorporates its technical metadata, content, format and context.

Upon completion of the merger, Hitachi Vantara will make Waterline Data products available as standalone solutions as well as integrated components of the Lumada Data Services portfolio. Waterline Data released a new Enterprise Data Catalog aimed at helping organizations navigate the waters of regulatory compliance in June. Enterprise Data Catalog supports native agents running on on-prem clusters and in different clouds, as well as container-based deployments.

In a statement to Solutions Review about the news, Hitachi Vantara Senior Director of Product Management Matthew Howard told us: “The integration of Waterline Data capabilities into our existing Lumada Data Services portfolio and Pentaho Data Integration and Pentaho Business Analytics adds strong and differentiated capabilities supporting self-service data analytics / data science, data governance and data compliance. For existing Waterline Data customers, Hitachi Vantara brings global scale, the expertise and technical capabilities of more than 12,000 employees and a robust partner ecosystem. Hitachi Vantara will continue to support existing Waterline Data customers who can immediately start to benefit from the power of the Hitachi Vantara network.”

To learn more, read Brad Surak’s post in the Hitachi Vantara blog entitled How the Acquisition of Waterline Data Will Help Hitachi Vantara Scale Your Digital Advantage. There’s also a companion video you can watch.

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