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MarkLogic 10 Features New Embedded Machine Learning Capabilities

MarkLogic 10 Features New Embedded Machine Learning Capabilities
MarkLogic 10 Features New Embedded Machine Learning Capabilities

Source: MarkLogic

MarkLogic has announced that MarkLogic 10 and its Data Hub tool are getting new embedded machine learning capabilities. Data Hub is a data integration toolset that allows users to integrate data from many sources into the MarkLogic database and then expose that data. Artificial intelligence highlights the updated data integration and management solution, with machine learning that runs close to data and can be used to optimize important tasks.

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MarkLogic has made a name for itself as a result of its strong focus on unifying silos of data. It is best for applications that involve heterogeneous large-scale data integration or content delivery. Organizations can ingest structured and unstructured data with a flexible data model that adapts to changing data. It also natively stores JSON, XML, text, and geospatial data. MarkLogic’s Universal Index enables users to search across all data, and APIs enable application development and deployment. The database has ACID transactions, scalability and elasticity, and certified security as well.

Data Hub 5.0 features customizable low-code orchestration flows that make it easier for users to map data sources and run matching and merging data flow processes. A new Data Services module provides data access and enhances speed by exposing only the aspects of data that users and developers need. MarkLogic 10 and Data Hub 5.0 are both also getting security and governance enhancements, with features ranging from automatic provenance tracking to advanced graph security.

In a statement to the media, the company’s CEO Gary Bloom spoke to the news. He said: “By adding machine learning to the Data Hub Platform and our industry-leading multi-model database, MarkLogic sets the standard for organizations to not only architect for their present and future data needs, but to do so with the smartest data integration technology available today.”

MarkLogic was recently named a major player in Big Data NoSQL by Forrester Research, and attained a spot in the market visionaries column in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solutions for Analytics.

Learn more about MarkLogic’s embedded machine learning in the company’s blog.

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