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Neo4j Unveils New Fully-Managed Graph Database Called Neo4j Aura

Neo4j Unveils New Fully-Managed Graph Database Called Neo4j Aura
Neo4j Unveils New Fully-Managed Graph Database Called Neo4j Aura

Source: Neo4j on YouTube

Neo4j has announced the release of its new fully-managed native graph database as a service, Neo4j Aura. The offering enables developers, architects and data scientists to deploy, scale and power connected applications in the cloud. Neo4j Aura is designed for small and medium businesses, as well as departmental projects and individual developers. Aura is highlighted by a zero administration feature that includes easy provisioning and one-click deployment.

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Neo4j offers a graph database that helps organizations make sense of their data by revealing how people, processes and systems are related. Neo4j natively stores interconnected data so it’s easier to decipher data. The property graph model also makes it easier for organizations to evolve machine learning and AI models. The platform supports high-performance graph queries on large datasets as well.

New sample pricing in Aura lets customers pay only for what they need with capacity-based pricing and that’s easy to understand. The product also manages complex processes such as tuning, security patches, software updates and configuration changes. Aura scales up or down on-demand, and automatically resizes the database without disrupting your workflow as well.

ACID transactions maintain data consistency because Neo4j Aura replicates data across three separate physical disks to ensure durability. Data is backed up daily with a seven-day retention policy. Aura’s built-in authentication and data encryption supports multiple database users with password authentication over TLS-encrypted connections. Data loading in Aura is done by using a simple command-line tool or CSV as a transfer format.

Learn more about Neo4j Aura in this blog, written by the company’s founder and CEO Emil Eifrem. Solutions Review recently named Neo4j one of 4 Data Management Solutions for Analytics Vendors to Watch in 2019.

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