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Promethium Unveils Advanced Data Preparation, Expanded Cloud Support

Promethium Unveils Advanced Data Preparation, Expanded Cloud Support
Promethium Unveils Advanced Data Preparation, Expanded Cloud Support

Source: Promethium

Promethium recently announced the release of a new version of its augmented data management platform, according to a press release. The update is highlighted by new and improved search, crowdsourcing, knowledge retention, and real-time preview. Promethium now touts the same ease as rating a product on Amazon for rating and recommending answers. Ratings and recommendations improve the relevance of search results and help colleagues quickly find relevant and credible answers as well.

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Promethium offers an augmented data management platform called Data Navigation System. Designed with data analysts in mind, the product lets users automatically discover, validate and assemble data to provide data to business intelligence tools. The product finds and matches data required to address each user request. Once complete, Promethium provides users with a visual view of how the data should be assembled, then automatically generates the SQL statement to get the right data and executes the query across multiple repositories.

New features are headlined by Answer Discovery with improved natural language search and AI-driven recommendations. Answer Catalog now offers improved tools for answering questions and sharing the answers. Live Answer Preview shows users live results at each step in building an answer to help users find and fix errors sooner and with less effort. Extended support for SaaS applications enables easier connecting to and cataloging data in Salesforce, SAP Hana Cloud, and Microsoft Dynamics.

In a media statement, Promethium founder and CEO Kaycee Lai said “At Promethium we are on a mission to help every business be data-driven by enabling every employee to make data-driven decisions in real-time without the technical complexity of data management. The latest features from Promethium make data-driven answers more accessible for every organization so they can take action faster than ever before.”

Solutions Review named Promethium one of 5 Data Management Vendors to Watch for 2021 in December.

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