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Understand Data Governance by Watching These 6 YouTube Videos

Understand Data Governance by Watching These 6 YouTube Videos

Understand Data Governance by Watching These 6 YouTube Videos

Data governance is being challenged by the emergence of big data. As a result of increasingly expanding stores of unstructured data, Hadoop has emerged as a major player in the data landscape, allowing for increased functionality. New technologies lack the kinds of data governance components that organizations have grown accustomed to deploying inside their legacy data architectures, making enterprise-wide adoption an issue.

If Hadoop is to become the new data warehouse, governance must be optimized for more environments. Data governance should cover both structured data and big data, but that’s not always the case. As the big data market matures, vendors are competing mainly in niche features and software pricing when they should be battling one another on who offers the best governance framework. Legal and compliance requirements for the use of data are going to force the market to evolve, but enterprises first need to re-purpose their environments for these changes to occur.

In our attempt to provide the best resources for whatever stage of the enterprise technology journey you’re currently at, we’ve assorted the six most informative YouTube videos on the topic of data governance. It’s our hope that these videos will help you gain a better understanding of where things have been, where they currently are, and where they’re going in the future.–EBVZX_VE0

Access Sciences creates videos and video blogs referencing their experience in information management and governance, compliance, technology, change management, and managed services. In this video, they provide in-depth information about data governance and why it is critical to organizations. They also introduce the five characteristics of a data-driven culture and the Access Sciences 7-Point Data Governance Model that can be utilized to design and develop a scalable, fit-for-purpose data governance program for any organization.

Or, for a more direct “what is” video, we like this explanation here from Intricity101 on YouTube. Their other videos are great too.

Back to basics:

IT Consultant firm EdenTechnologies provides a 30-minute complete explainer on data governance that provides a foundational understanding on the topic. Learn about the 3 Pillars of data governance, tips for gaining control over unstructured corporate data, and reasons why corporate data governance is critical to enterprise security.

DATAVERSITY believes there are several basic components that go into delivering a successful and sustainable data governance program, and that many of these framework items can be developed using tools you already own and without going to great expense. This webinar features Bob Seiner for this video on finding value from your data governance program through the delivery of items that will formalize accountability for the management of data and information assets. Learn more at their website.

Are things different with a data lake?

Many hold the opinion that Data Governance and Management are activities abstracted from the technologies and data patterns they serve. This is somewhat true, but when we look at how technological advances will bring the promise of speed, time-to-market, machine learning, and AI, the face of data management will change. This Knowledgent video describes how things may be different with a data lake.

Now for a data governance roadmap:

Setting up a data governance program is a journey not a project. It is critical that aspects of the three core components of people, process and technology need to be considered. All are important. While many of the issues are often termed “soft,” the approach to make the initiative successful needs to be very structured with clear links to the corporation’s strategies and goals. This video from global data consulting and services firm UtopiaData shares how to get started on the journey, how to get the support needed to make this sustainable, and what role technology should play in the process.

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