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Cloudian’s Object Storage Software Now Available on VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu

Cloudian HyperIQ Updated with New Security and Management Features

Cloudian's Object Storage Software Now Available on VMware Cloud Foundation with TanzuCloudian recently announced that VMware customers will have the ability to use Cloudian’s fully S3-compatible object storage software for both cloud-native and traditional applications. This software can all be managed in VMware Cloud Foundation with VMware Tanzu. Integrated with the new VMware vSAN Data Persistence platform, Cloudian’s HyperStore object storage provides scalability, security, and multi-tenancy while reducing infrastructure complexity and allowing for new efficiencies and financial savings.

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Cloudian is an independent provider of object storage systems, offering S3 compatibility along with a partnership ecosystem. The vendor’s flagship solution, HyperStore, is a scale-out object platform designed for high-throughput object storage workloads. It provides scalability, flexibility, and economics within the data center. HyperStore also delivers an add-on file gateway to manage file workloads. Additionally, Cloudian’s data fabric architecture allows enterprises to store, find, and protect object and file data across sites. These processes can take place both on-prem and in public clouds within a single, unified platform.

Because modern applications need cloud-like access on-prem and in the public cloud, they require modern storage solutions to optimize workflow potential, accelerate development, minimize strain on IT teams, and lower costs. Simultaneously, these platforms must also support traditional applications. Cloudian HyperStore object storage addresses these needs by being built on cloud-derived technology and native S3 API implementation, delivering a unified storage platform and a high-level API-driven infrastructure that modern application developers require from infrastructure platforms.

In a media statement, Jon Toor, chief marketing officer at Cloudian, said, “we’re excited about building on our VMware partnership to provide VMware HCI users with a truly unified, hybrid cloud-ready storage platform for both modern and traditional applications. Together, we’re enabling Vmware customers to more easily and quickly take advantage of cloud-native opportunities while continuing to capitalize on their prior infrastructure investments.”

The integration of HyperStore on VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu enables VMware users to utilize VMware HCI for use cases that were previously not supported with object storage. Spanning verticals such as healthcare, education, financial services, and government, those use cases include data protection, analytics, big data, and edge computing.

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