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NetApp Enters Definitive Agreement to Acquire Spot

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NetApp Enters Definitive Agreement to Acquire SpotNetApp recently announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Spot, a leader in compute management and cost optimization on the public clouds. The goal of this acquisition is to establish leadership in Application Driven Infrastructure. Digital transformation initiatives have accelerated in today’s environment, and public clouds offer the flexibility needed to navigate the new normal. Together, NetApp and Spot’s Application Driven Infrastructure for continuous optimization will help users save up to 90 percent of their compute and storage cloud expenses.

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NetApp is a storage, cloud computing, information technology, and data management solution provider. In addition to predominantly offering on-prem storage infrastructure, the vendor also specializes in hybrid cloud data services that facilitate the management of applications and data across cloud and on-prem environments. NetApp StorageGRID is an object storage platform whose primary access method is the Amazon S3 API. The tool offers hybrid cloud workflow, and adheres to SEC and FINRA regulations.

Together, NetApp and Spot will establish an Application Driven Infrastructure, designed to enable customers to deploy more applications to public clouds faster with Spot’s as-a-service platform for the continuous optimization of both compute and storage for both traditional IT buyers with enterprise applications, cloud-native workloads, and data lakes.

In a press statement, Anthony Lye, senior vice president and general manager of Public Cloud Services at NetApp said, “in today’s public clouds, speed is the new scale. However, waste in the public clouds driven by idle resources and overprovisioned resources is a significant and a growing customer problem slowing down more public cloud adoption. The combination of NetApp’s leading shared storage platform for block, file, and object and Spot’s compute platform will deliver a leading solution for the continuous optimization of cost for all workloads, both cloud-native and legacy. Optimized customers are happy customers and happy customers deploy more to the public clouds.”

The transaction is expected to close in the first half of NetApp’s fiscal year and is subject to the satisfaction of certain regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions.

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