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NetApp Launches Solution for Containers from Spot by NetApp

NetApp Launches Solution for Containers from Spot by NetApp

NetApp Launches Solution for Containers from Spot by NetAppNetApp recently launched a serverless and storageless solution for containers from Spot by NetApp, a new autonomous hybrid cloud volume platform, and cloud-based virtual desktop solutions. NetApp’s new features help simplify and optimize multi-cloud management for high performance at low cost, delivering true portability for data-rich cloud applications, and providing comprehensive workplace solutions across hybrid cloud environments.

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NetApp is a storage, cloud computing, information technology, and data management solution provider. In addition to predominantly offering on-prem storage infrastructure, the vendor also specializes in hybrid cloud data services that facilitate the management of applications and data across cloud and on-prem environments. NetApp StorageGRID is an object storage platform whose primary access method is the Amazon S3 API. The tool offers hybrid cloud workflow and adheres to SEC and FINRA regulations.

The new features and capabilities that NetApp introduced include:

  • A serverless and storageless solution for containers, Spot Storage by NetApp combined with Spot Ocean by NetApp enables organizations to build, deploy, and run microservice-based applications on Kubernetes without administering storage and data services.
  • An autonomous cloud volume platform, offering a single experience to manage NetApp hybrid, multi-cloud storage, and data services. NetApp Cloud Manager provides full visibility and control across on-prem, Azure, AWS, and GCP storage and delivers a native cloud experience for advanced data services.
  • The fully managed, cloud-based NetApp Virtual Desktop Management Service (VDMS) and a new validated hybrid cloud virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) design. These solutions help businesses scale their infrastructure resources to meet the needs of their remote workforce.

In a press statement, George Kurian, CEO of NetApp, said, “To thrive in the new normal, digital transformation has become a business imperative. To Succeed, businesses need to optimize their hybrid multi-cloud IT architectures. No matter where customers are on their transformation journey, NetApp can help them build a data fabric to maximize the value of their data, ensure applications are running optimally, and unlock the best of cloud.”

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