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Pivot3 Enhances Automation and Intelligence Capabilities

Pivot3 Enhances Automation and Intelligence Capabilities

Pivot3 Enhances Automation and Intelligence CapabilitiesPivot3 recently announced significant automation and intelligence enhancements to its Acuity software platform. This change is meant to address the system administration, maintenance, and availability challenges often faced in large-scale video surveillance deployments. The new intelligent system health and best practices analysis features deliver reductions in total cost of ownership, ensure continuous system uptime in large multi-petabyte environments, and enable users to automate end-to-end system life-cycle management processes, all while ensuring high availability.

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Pivot3 provides Dynamic Hyperconverged and PCIe Flash Arrays, as well as hybrid cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. The vendor’s offerings are optimized for server virtualization, virtual desktop, data center consolidation, video surveillance, business continuity, disaster recovery, and remote and branch offices. Pivot3’s storage solution provides security, resilience, and management at scale for the user’s environments. Powered by its Intelligence Engine, Pivot3 automates the management of multiple mixed application workloads and reduces unplanned downtime.

Pivot3’s Intelligence Engine now includes system-level upgrade orchestration and health and best practices analyzer features optimized for large-scale environments. The Upgrade Manager is designed to simplify performing end-to-end system updates by automating tedious system administration tasks, resulting in improved life-cycle management of large-scale systems and a reduction in the specialized skills needed to run these deployments. The Health and Best Practices Analyzer automatically verifies system health and detects anomalies, both system-wide and for individual appliances.

In a press statement, Ben Bolles, vice president of product management at Pivot3 said, “customers who have safety and security responsibilities are increasingly required to manage large deployments of servers and storage due to the number and resolution of cameras, the increasing use of video analytics and other leading edge security applications. The sheer scale of these deployments presents new management challenges for security personnel to keep systems up-to-date and operating at peak performance and efficiency. Pivot3 is meeting this growing challenge with expanded automation and intelligence capabilities to provide customers with peace of mind, knowing their system is operating at its utmost level of resilience and performance.”

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