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Western Digital Announces Two New Families of NVMe SSDs

Western Digital Announces Two New Families of NVMe SSDs

Western Digital Announces Two New Families of NVMe SSDsEnterprise data storage provider, Western Digital, recently announced two new 96-layer 3D flash NVMe SSD families, the Ultrastar DC SN 340 and Ultrastar DC SN640. Both are purpose-built for either read-intensive applications or mixed-use-case workloads, respectively. By leveraging Western Digital’s in-house SSD controller designs, firmware development, and vertical integration, these new platforms facilitate data innovations from edge to core to cloud.

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The Ultrastar DC SN640 family is optimized for mixed-workload applications including MySQL, SQL Server, virtual desktops, and other business-critical workloads using hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI) such as VMware vSAN and Microsoft Azure Stack HCI solutions. The new family comes in three form factors and provides a range of capacity points, including:

  • EDSFF E1.L with up to 30.72TB, providing speeds up to 720K random-read IOPS. This form factor is aimed at designing best petabyte/rack for new dense data-center designs.
  • U.2 7mm with up to 7.68TB, a popular form factor for storage servers, containerized applications, and virtualized environments using denser, power-efficient blade systems.
  • M.2 22×110 with up to 3.84TB for OCP-compliant hardware and constrained spaces.

In a press statement, vice president of product marketing for Enterprise Devices at Western Digital, Eyal Bek said, “customers are rapidly transitioning to a variety of purpose-built NVMe storage solutions to improve storage performance, efficiency, density, and overall TCO. It’s no longer a one-size-fits-all world. Our Ultrastar NVMe SSDs are based on our deep understanding of evolving workloads and trends within the data center and are aligned to our proven and reliable 96L NAND nodes. We take pride in knowing that our new Ultrastar DC SN640 and Ultrastar DC SN340 SSDs are optimized to support the purpose-built workloads and data volume demands of today, while laying the foundation for the future of zettabyte scale.”

The new NVMe SSDs complement Western Digital’s full data center portfolio, including the IntelliFlash hybrid, all-flash and NVMe all-flash storage arrays; ActiveScale cloud-scale object storage system; OpenFlex NVMe-over-fabrics open composable infrastructure; and its family of Ultrastar data center-class HDDs and SSDs.

To read Western Digital’s full press release, click here.

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