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Cyber-crime is Going to Increase. Your Business Must Prepare.

Memorial Health System Suffers Ransomware Attack, Data Theft

Cyber-crime is Going to Increase. Your Business Must Prepare.

Cyber-crime is going to increase in the coming years. If you want your business to survive, you need to prepare it to repel or remediate cyber-attacks as they occur. 

The recent cyber-attacks on Colonial Pipeline and JBS Foods indicate a new era in cybersecurity. Unfortunately, it won’t be a positive era, or an era many businesses are prepared to face. Instead, it will be an era of continual attacks and workflow shutdowns, of ever-growing challenges as businesses struggle to remediate threats infiltrating networks. 

Evidence suggests hackers are now targeting major manufacturers and suppliers as well as small businesses. Cyber-crime is going to increase, and no enterprise is safe. 

What can you do to prepare your organization? 

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Cyber-crime is Going to Increase. Here’s How to Prepare.

1. Know Your IT Environment

This isn’t as straightforward as the subtitle suggests. Businesses of all sizes face difficulties in determining what exactly comprises their own IT environments. In a previous era, this was easy: a typical organization had a few desktops and a few databases, all of which were easily quantifiable and observable. 

However, that era has long since passed. Now, your enterprise needs to deal with the probable reality of perpetual remote work, more mobile devices connecting to your network, and the expansion of the environment through applications and databases. That doesn’t even cover IoT devices, which often lack security firmware and can disappear from network registers. 

So you need a tool or solution that can shed light on your IT environment entirely. Every unmonitored section of your network or unmonitored device can become the stepping stone hackers need to penetrate the digital perimeter. Cybersecurity needs visibility for optimal performance. It’s as simple as that. 

2. Stronger Authentication

The digital perimeter once meant antivirus, firewalls, and other commonplace security capabilities. While those capabilities still matter, they have taken a backseat to authentication and access management; these form the new heart of the digital perimeter, the primary means by which hackers are kept out. 

Strong authentication, most likely through multifactor authentication, keeps the vast majority of hackers out of your business’s network. The more factors between request and access, the less likely a hacker can compromise your system. 

3. Fortify Against Ransomware

Ransomware is seeing even more prominence than ever before thanks to the major attacks over the past month. Hackers are going to take note; they’ll see the massive successes of these attacks and become inspired. Ransomware attacks will increase, and most likely they’ll target the absolute essentials which will paralyze your business until you pay. 

Endpoint security can help protect your business from ransomware and can even help remediate threats that subvert your digital perimeter. You should also invest in a Backup and Disaster Recovery solution that can help your business circumvent ransomware and avoid paying the ransom to get back to work. 

Cyber-crime is going to increase. Take the time to protect your business with the Endpoint Security Buyer’s Guide. Take the time now to research and deploy a solution, before the worst happens.

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