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Kaspersky Lab Announces Launch of New Enterprise Cybersecurity Platform

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Yesterday, embattled Moscow-based endpoint security vendor Kaspersky Lab announced their new Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense solution platform. The platform represents a full integration of their Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack, Kaspersky Cybersecurity Services, and new EDR tools via a centralized service for enterprises.

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Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense is designed specifically to help enterprises improve their cybersecurity visibility and identify preexisting threats lurking within their networks and servers. According to the press release, the platform can identify disparate indicators of a singular attack to circumvent evasion tactics and utilize next-generation anti-virus software for better detection. Its new EDR capabilities are meant to improve the investigation times of enterprise cybersecurity teams through automated incident response processes and aggregated forensics data.  

In a statement, Rob Cataldo, VP of enterprise sales at Kaspersky Lab North America said, “Cybercriminals are always looking to exploit vulnerabilities in enterprises and they have extensive financial resources to do so. Businesses need to make early detection their number one priority and an integrated approach is essential for enterprises to survive in today’s complex threat landscape.”

The Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense is now available in North America, according to the release. The announcement comes after months of serious setbacks for the endpoint protection solution provider; beginning in 2017, they have weathered accusations of collaborating with Russian intelligence agencies to conduct espionage on the U.S government. Legislation signed by President Trump in December officially banned them from federal servers and networks, although the vendor has filed a complaint in federal court that the ban violated their due process. They have also been removed from the shelves of major American retailers, including Best Buy, and were bumped from the Leader Quadrant in Gartner’s 2018 EPP Magic Quadrant report. No concrete evidence has confirmed or refuted the charges against the vendor.

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