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What Password Managers Offer Businesses and Users

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What Password Managers Offer Businesses and Users

What exactly are password managers? Why should enterprises and users alike call upon them for their cybersecurity and workflows? How can they benefit you?

Recently, we released our definitive list of best password managers. However, understanding how the technology works is of equal importance. Thus, we provide a brief definition of the technology and how they protect users from both hackers and themselves.

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What Are Password Managers?

Password managers record and securely store the username and password associated with the login page of each website you use. Then, when you log in again, the manager automatically inputs the credentials or allows you to copy-paste when that option isn’t available.

Additionally, managers can generate strong and unique passwords when users need a new password for an account. This helps ensure that passwords aren’t reused across websites, which is of critical importance; every cybersecurity expert notes how dangerous even a single repeated password can become in the wrong hands.

All of the stored passwords are secured by a “master password” the user creates; critically, the provider itself cannot read or store the master password, ensuring that an attack on the vendor does not cause a customer breach. So long as the master password remains safe, your credentials remain safe from external threat actors.

Of course, a significant component of these business tool also involves capabilities that enable collaboration and communication. Tools such as secure share allow employees to access information necessary for temporary projects or workloads without risking password exposure. Also, these security technologies can enable password sync across multiple devices and networks, helping with remote and mobile workforces.

These tools often require the user to remember their own master password, without which the user cannot access their account. However, many managers do provide tools or methods to recover the master password should the worst happen and a user forgets the key.

You can learn more about your options for business and personal tools in our new article “19 Best Password Managers for Users and Businesses: The Definitive List.”

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