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NetSuite and Oracle Plan for Global ERP Cloud Domination

Oracle Cerner
Oracle Cerner

Source: Oracle

Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit began the Cloud Computing revolution back in the day by establishing the world’s first company designed for delivering business applications via the internet. Today, Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit provides a suite of cloud-based financials, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and HR software. On Tuesday, they announced the new release of major global cloud-ERP features.

These new features are dedicated to prepare organizations for what’s next, with a host of enhancements to its core ERP suite. According to a press release, the new functionality spans global financials, revenue recognition, billing, Services Resource Planning (SRP), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). These enhancements give NetSuite customers the ability to continue to scale and innovate efficiently.

NetSuite keeps customers up-to-date with two major upgrades every year, with customizations that carry forward automatically, giving users the reassurance about always having the latest version of the software.

Jim McGeever, Executive VP of Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit, said, “For many years, NetSuite has been the leader in global cloud financials and ERP. These major investments in product development over the last several years, combined with the incremental Oracle resources, have allowed us to deliver the greatest amount of new financial and ERP features and functionality ever.”

Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit plans on a global expansion, adding to Oracle’s resources to NetSuite’s established product, and aims to drive growth across three areas: data center, field offices and development centers. The objective, according to the CEO of Oracle, Mark Hurd, is for Oracle to almost incubate NetSuite. These already established new features and the new ones to come will help Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit’s cloud ERP expansion.

The business unit plans to quickly launch into 13 new countries, and the company’s data centers will more than double, taking advantage of Oracle’s expertise and infrastructure. Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit added two new products to its portfolio as well to help this global expansion: SuitePeople and SuiteSuccess.

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