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Acumatica Integrates DocuSign Into its Cloud ERP Platform Creating the Multi-Cloud World

Acumatica Integrates DocuSign Into its Cloud ERP Platform Creating the Multi-Cloud World
Acumatica Integrates DocuSign Into its Cloud ERP Platform Creating the Multi-Cloud World

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Earlier this year, Acumatica revealed their new DocuSign integration into their Cloud ERP platform, adding to the multiple business applications and services the software vendor interacts with. With what they call, the “multi cloud world,” applications and services seamlessly interact, providing customers with increased value.

These interactions are made possible by the Application Program Interfaces (API’s) available for the application and services. Acumatica made contract and screen-based API’s available for partners and developers to build integrations and to interact with their Cloud ERP. DocuSign does the same with their eSignature API. This is what Acumatica used to build the integration with DocuSign.

Before the integration, users of Acumatica managed signing documents as a separate process, a separate stream and manually uploaded documents. With this integration however, built right into the document management system, users can work across many different documents and route them for signing via DocuSign.

According to Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, Head of Cloud Platform Division, Acumatica, the following key features of DocuSign’s eSignature API’s were developed with the integration:

  • Creating envelopes and preparing documents for signing.
  • Sending documents for signing and status tracking.
  • Centrally managing documents.
  • Sending documents from CRM, Financials, Distribution, and other modules.

More recently, DocuSign Go-Live Process became automated, making the entire process a lot faster. DocuSign requires all integrations to go through a review process, which used to take days (sometimes weeks) depending on the complexity of it. With the new automation, the review process only takes minutes, or at most, a few hours.

Ergin Dervisoglu, Developer and DocuSign Support, gives more insight into the new automation process in his blog post. He explains that when you create a demo account, you can also request an Integrator Key that is used to develop apps using the DocuSign API. This new automated go-live process now promotes the Integrator Key directly to your live production account. He gives reminders about the requirements of going live with the DocuSign API integration such as:

  • Integrator Key
  • 20 + error free transactions that don’t violate API rules / limits
  • A live DocuSign account and admin access to it

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