All New 2017 ERP Buyer’s Guide: Full Category Overview, 28 Vendors Evaluated, Questions to Ask

All New 2017 ERP Buyer’s Guide: Full Category Overview, 28 Vendors Evaluated, Questions to Ask

The Solutions Review team is proud to announce that the all new 2017 ERP Buyer’s Guide is now available as a complimentary download to site visitors. The Solutions Review ERP Buyer’s Guide Report provides full one-page profiles on each solution provider with a detailed outline of their offerings, system features, and a bottom line analysis from our editors.

While the technology has existed since the mid 1960’s it wasn’t until 1990 that Gartner assigned a name for these systems. Enterprise Resource Planning is incredibly wide-ranging and is in constant evolution, so close analysis is required to see where the market is going. Modern ERP technology has come to encompass business intelligence, sales force automation, marketing operation, and ecommerce, covering both back and front office functions.

Top providers highlighted include: abas, Acumatica, Aptean, CGS, Deltek, Epicor, Exact, IFS, Infor, Intact, LillyWorks, Microsoft, NetSuite, Oracle, ProcessPro, Profit Key, QAD, Ramco, Sage, SAP, Synergy VISUAL, Unit4, Workwise, and 24Seven.

The Solutions Review 2017 ERP Buyer’s Guide eliminates the process of enterprise technology seekers of having to sift through endless vendor web pages and sales pitches to bring readers an agnostic view of the market, allowing for easier and more informed purchasing decisions.

Building these guides isn’t something that can be done overnight. Our editors are constantly following the latest in ERP and the industries that rely on the technology. We look at best practices, new product announcements, and more to ensure that buyers of enterprise technology solutions make the best possible buying decisions. Check it out below!

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