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Aptean Apprise ERP Streamlines High-Volume Direct-to-Consumer Shipping

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Aptean, a leading provider of mission-critical, industry-specific enterprise software solutions, has just released a new version of their Apprise ERP software. This new version includes enhancements that offer a more complete ERP solution for consumer goods distributors in the high-volume and labor-intensive direct-to-consumer space.

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What the company is now calling Apprise ERP 8.0, offers new address verification via SmartyStreets, which gives users access to seamless validation of street addresses for both manually entered and import orders to ensure accurate shipping.

Apprise ERP 8.0 Shipment Manager, enables seamless integration of shipping functions for small package and less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers. Apprise ERP Shipment Manager offers the ability to perform rate shopping to select the most appropriate and relevant carrier/service based on cost and transit time. This allows moving product out of the warehouse much more quickly and more cost-effectively.

With a much more simplified look, Apprise ERP 8.0 also provides a cleaner, more modern user interface, designed to improve productivity and streamline workflow by giving users quick access to important data. The new interface also includes an Action Center, which gives users a list of key actionable tasks they need to perform to better prioritize workloads.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen a change in distribution processes with the continued proliferation of direct-to-consumer offerings,” said John Weber, director of business development and product management for Aptean Apprise ERP. “Apprise ERP 8.0’s new functionality will change the way managers approach this high-volume, labor-intensive shipping model. Apprise ERP is already an all-in-one distribution center management offering, and with 8.0’s ProShip and SmartyStreets enhancements, we’re simplifying shipping processes even further.”

Apprise ERP is a fully integrated, end-to-end solution focused on consumer goods distribution. Because of this focus, Apprise ERP can handle the specific tasks and complex needs of importers and distributors with little to no customizations. With the new enhancements, Apprise ERP 8.0 is built to do what importers and distributors do.

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