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Aptean Made2Manage Offers New Features to Improve Manufacturing Operations

Aptean Made2Manage Offers New Features to Improve Manufacturing Operations

Aptean Made2Manage Offers New Features to Improve Manufacturing Operations

Aptean, a leading global provider of mission-critical, industry-specific enterprise software solutions, today released a new version of its Aptean Made2Manage ERP that offers enhanced functionality to help manufacturers expand its use across their organizations.

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“We’re committed to listening to customers about their challenges and developing products to help them remain competitive in an ever-changing business environment,” said Mike Ressel, general manager of Aptean’s ERP and Supply Chain Management Product Group. “We’re proud to release the kind of enhancements to Made2Manage that will allow our customers to improve their operations, expand their organizations and meet their clients’ needs.”

According to the company, Made2Manage 7.51’s new capabilities will help manufacturers:

  • Implement end-to-end traceability with auto-generated lot numbers and serial numbers.
  • Gain greater reach and access to data with enhanced archiving and combined reports for both current and archived data.
  • Improve administration by controlling user permissions at the group level.
  • Collect customer payments quickly and pay vendors securely with electronic funds transfer (EFT) and an optional credit card payment module.
  • Improve customer and vendor communications by allowing attachments to automatic communications.

Made2Manage offers ERP software for manufacturers in dynamic, to-order environments such as engineer-to-order, make-to-order, assemble-to-order and mixed mode operations. The upgraded solution integrates ERP and scheduling with shop floor execution, enabling real-time tracking of all manufacturing processes and operations system-wide. This helps manufacturers create more accurate and dependable plans, incorporate job schedules into enterprise operations, monitor execution and quickly react to unplanned events.

The response to Made2Manage 7.51 from early adopters has been very favorable. “Some of the benefits we saw from 7.51 are the credit card module that has been added, as well as being able to pay vendors with EFT,” said Tonya Butler, director of IT for Pipp Mobile Storage Systems, which designs and manufactures space-saving storage systems for retail stores, offices, manufacturing companies and institutions world-wide.

“One of the advantages of running Made2Manage 7.51 is the new performance improvements,” said Chris Slater, MP&L manager for Press-Seal Corp., a longtime Aptean customer and a leader in the design and manufacture of sealing products for underground collection systems worldwide. “Working with Aptean has been fantastic, especially with the beta team. We’ve helped to steer some of the direction with the customer advisory board on the product, so it really is becoming a product that is driven by the customer, not by the development team.”

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