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Bezlio Releases New Amazon to ERP Integration Portal

Bezlio Releases New Amazon to ERP Integration Portal

Bezlio Releases New Amazon to ERP Integration Portal

Bezlio, a US-based company with 15 years of experience in customizing and optimizing ERP systems, announced the release of a new integration inside of their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) software which allows manufacturing companies to integrate their ERP with Amazon to manage order entry, product inventory, and shipments.

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Bezlio is a SaaS data integration platform that connects any cloud and on-premises data sources to create actionable dashboards and apps with both read and write access back to your ERP or CRM. Thist integration with Amazon creates a portal that automatically brings together unshipped Amazon orders for review. These orders get approved within Bezlio, which writes the order acknowledgment back to Amazon and creates the sales order within the ERP.

According to the company, the product inventory portion of the solution enables users to check product inventory in their ERP and update inventory levels in Amazon. The shipping integration reads shipments made in the ERP and confirms them in Amazon, providing a comprehensive order-to-shipment integration.

“Our Amazon integration portal was driven by a consistent message from our customers that it is difficult to do business with Amazon.  Utilizing Amazon Seller Central was a very time consuming, manual process. It became an expensive process for our customers, and some stopped selling on Amazon altogether. By automating the entire order to shipment process, we are reducing the internal resources they need and making selling on Amazon simpler and more profitable,” said Hilary Hrutkai, Sales Account Manager at Bezlio.

The new Bezlio-based integration works natively with both the Infor VISUAL and Epicor ERP systems. However, using Bezlio’s other database plugins, this integration can be utilized by any modern ERP to bring full Amazon order management.

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