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Cloud ERP Systems in Manufacturing

ERP Systems in Manufacturing

ERP Systems in Manufacturing

In an attempt to bring you the best content within leading enterprise technology categories, Solutions Review editors search the web high and low on a daily basis for insights that can have real impact and help you to move the needle. We often share best practices that inform IT leaders on what to do when it comes to selecting and deploying Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.  An article from EconoTimes titled, “Why Today’s Manufacturers Need a Revamped ERP System,” got us thinking about how manufacturers are utilizing their ERP systems and why it’s so important that they have one in place.

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The post discusses five reasons why manufacturing firms need a ‘revamped’ ERP system. We’ve read the article, available here, and pulled out the three most important reasons.

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Reduces Other Costs Involved

Cloud ERP systems provide manufacturers with a single source of information, which ultimately reduce other costs involved such as capital investments and maintenance fees. Because infrastructure for cloud-based ERP systems are paid for by the vendor, offered per-user subscriptions, it’s easier to scale up or down. Implementation times are lessened when compared to traditional ERP systems too, which can be expensive and time consuming.

Streamlines and Automates Operations

Manufacturing process can sometimes get complicated, especially if you have an outdated ERP system. An ERP solution automates business processes and provides real-time information, making it easier for more informed and better decision-making. With an ERP solution, data is easily accessible to all the departments of the organization, as a result, employees are freed from the hassle of contacting multiple team members from various silo departments for the data they are seeking. This boost in productivity saves time, which is extremely valuable.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Having a competitive advantage is how companies make it in the marketplace. The adoption of cloud as a deployment method has been growing at a very fast rate. Companies that don’t adopt this trend risk losing out on the benefits offered by the cloud and the business ultimately suffers because of it. Cloud ERP solutions give companies a competitive advantage because of the flexibility and scalability that comes along with the cloud.

We encourage you to read the full article here.

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