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Concerto and Acumatica Team Up To Speed Up Healthcare ERP Adoption

Concerto and Acumatica Team Up To Speed Up Healthcare ERP Adoption

Concerto and Acumatica Team Up To Speed Up Healthcare ERP AdoptionThere are a number of benefits that can be realized through ERP in the healthcare industry. Recently, Acumatica ERP and Concerto Cloud Services have partnered to accelerate enterprise resource planning adoption in companies specializing in health and and life sciences industries. Concerto Cloud Services is a fully managed provider for mission critical applications and Acumatica is one of the leading providers of cloud business management software for mid-sized customers.

Concerto Cloud for Healthcare is a platform designed to meet strict requirements for HIPAA compliance, security and service, and enable easy integration across ERP systems in addition to electronic healthcare records, content management systems, and other applications. Concerto’s cloud offering can provide healthcare organizations with the ability to improve patient care and focus on innovation rather than maintaining IT infrastructure. It’s equipped with built-in compliance, strict security, flexible deployment options, and application management expertise with ERP and other enterprise solutions.

“The Concerto Cloud for Healthcare gives companies the confidence to move their cloud strategy to the next level, which in many cases is focused on gaining greater efficiencies across the entire organization,” said Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, general manager and head of the Cloud Platform Division at Acumatica. “We’re excited about the possibilities this creates for Acumatica, because now our customers can move forward aggressively with implementation knowing that their cloud solution is more than ready for the task.”

“Healthcare organizations are increasingly looking to the cloud to manage more mission-critical applications such as ERP,” said Steve Terp, president of Concerto Cloud Services. “This is why our partnership with Acumatica is so timely: it is a turnkey solution for organizations seeking a faster path toward cloud ERP adoption and, in turn, a way to deliver better, more responsive care system wide.”

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