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Core Associates LLC Introduces AcumatiScan for Acumatica Cloud ERP

Core Associates LLC Introduces AcumatiScan for Acumatica Cloud ERP

Core Associates LLC Introduces AcumatiScan for Acumatica Cloud ERP

Core Associates LLC, a computer software company, has officially introduced AcumatiScan – the accounts payable (AP) workflow automation solution for Acumatica Cloud ERP software users. Announced at the opening of the Construction and Financial Management Association (CFMA) 2018 National Conference’s exhibition, AcumatiScan works seamlessly with the Acumatica Construction Edition to offer paper-free document routing, customized notification settings and other automated features that simplify time-consuming AP tasks.

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As the newest product in the Core Associates portfolio, AcumatiScan performs many of the same construction accounting-centric functions as TimberScan, which is the leading AP workflow automation and document management solution that has dominated the Sage 300 CRE market space for over 15 years.

“Our business has a long history of delivering hosted and cloud-based solutions demanded by construction finance and management professionals,” explains Bernard Ross, CSO and co-owner of Core Associates. “We are seeing a big shift toward cloud-based ERP products so, naturally, we are thrilled to now integrate with Acumatica and to become a part of their customers’ future success.”

Earlier this year, Acumatica revealed how their open API initiative was attracting new development partnerships and enabling growth for their product extensions.

“This new ISV partnership exemplifies the customer-commitment Acumatica upholds in providing top-tier solutions for industry-specific requirements,” details Acumatica’s Vice President, Platform Strategy, Ajoy Krishnamoorthy. “We expect AcumatiScan to really wow our resellers and users alike with ultra-clear advantages for adoption, which we look forward to demonstrating immediately.”

AcumatiScan offers a browser-based user interface (UI) that emulates the Acumatica Construction Edition UI for a consistent look and feel that existing consumers prefer. Acumatica Cloud ERP users can now obtain AcumatiScan to automate workflow approval processes by contacting their Acumatica Business Partners or by contacting Core Associates directly.

“We found an ideal fit with Acumatica where we can offer our task automation expertise to a highly innovative and popular cloud ERP platform,” declared Frank Grenci, CEO and co-owner of Core Associates. “AcumatiScan is a product our shared and new business partners can easily add to their offerings and that users will not only find valuable but also extremely simple to utilize.”

Read the press release here.

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