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Deacom’s Managed Cloud Services Opens New Opportunities for Manufacturers and Distributors

Deacom’s Managed Cloud Services Opens New Opportunities for Manufacturers and Distributors

Deacom’s Managed Cloud Services Opens New Opportunities for Manufacturers and Distributors

Deacom, Inc., the developer of a comprehensive ERP solution, has officially entered the cloud market by launching its Managed Cloud Services for existing and new customers. By relying on Deacom to host and manage their DEACOM ERP environment, companies have the opportunity to reap the performance, security, and reliability benefits commonly found with cloud products while focusing on other critical business matters.

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“Historically, most Deacom customers requested on-premise hosting in an effort to maintain higher control over their ERP infrastructure,” said Sheridan Bulger, Software Operations Manager at Deacom, Inc. “However, common IT challenges that surround this type of hosting, like managing SQL servers and network switches, can monopolize resources that are more valuable when focused on the core business.”

By making the switch to Deacom’s Managed Cloud Services, customers will experience:

  • Leading Reliability – Cloud management delivers worldwide redundancy which mitigates the fear of potential hardware failure. This can also reduce the unnecessary costs of keeping expensive spare parts readily accessible onsite.
  • Trustworthy Security – In the cloud, Deacom manages all aspects of data security protection – from fires to firewalls – taking the pressure of securing critical business information off of the customer.
  • Maximum Performance – Deacom’s Managed Cloud Services handles all aspects of database optimization, indexing, defragmentation, and general server performance tuning – both hardware and software. This maximizes the speed with which data is retrieved so critical business decisions can be made quickly.
  • Boundless Scalability – As a business grows, so does its technological needs. With this new cloud offering, Deacom constantly assesses cloud installations of DEACOM ERP to determine when an upgrade is necessary. Once approved by the customer, the upgrading process is seamless and quick, without further required actions on their part.
  • Swift Resolution – With instant access to customer databases and installation details for issue troubleshooting, Deacom support is optimized and overall support requests are minimized.

“The past year has shown a significant shift in manufacturers and distributors eager to run more nimbly from a technology standpoint and we are happy to deliver the solution to help them do so securely and efficiently,” added Bulger.

Both current and new customers can benefit from these benefits through Deacom’s Managed Cloud Services starting today.

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