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Deltek Plans to Rename the Next Release of Professional Services Solution to Deltek Vantagepoint

Source: Deltek

Deltek, the leading global provider of software and information solutions for project-based businesses, earlier in the week announced it will remain the next release of its Professional Services solution to Deltek Vantagepoint.

Built from the ground up for the modern workplace, Deltek for Professional Services delivers an end-to-end, project-centric Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution with functionality specifically for the consulting and architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries.

With the release of Deltek Vantagepoint, customers will get benefits including:

  • More Intuitive UI/UX – Deltek Vantagepoint has a modern user interface allowing users to interact with the solution using a natural language interface to type or speak a request. Deltek Vantagepoint’s Artificial Intelligence interpreter transforms commands to execute tasks within the solution.
  • A True Industry-focused Solution – Built with Deltek’s years of expertise in project-based businesses, Vantagepoint delivers tools and capabilities designed specifically for consulting firms and AEC firms.
  • Ability to Manage the Entire Project Lifecycle – Vantagepoint is the one-stop-shop for project-based businesses. Customers can manage their entire project from pursuit and proposal, to project planning and billing, to accounting and full portfolio analysis.

“We’re very excited about our upcoming release for professional services and the new name Deltek Vantagepoint. We wanted the name to emphasize what the product will deliver to our customers through a more direct and intuitive name – and Vantagepoint does just that. It reflects the visibility that our customers will receive across their business from the only solution that can deliver the full project lifecycle, from winning a new project to project close out,” said Warren Linscott, SVP of Product Strategy at Deltek.

Read the press release.

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