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Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Infor Partners with CloudMine

Digital Transformation in Healthcare Infor Partners with CloudMine

Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Infor Partners with CloudMine

When you think of healthcare, the last thing you probably associate it with is enterprise technology or tech software. In fact, the entirety of the healthcare industry is dependent on easy access to real-time information, like medical updates and billing information. Choosing the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software might actually mean the difference between life and death. A strong ERP system can streamline business processes and organize workflows, enhancing productivity.

CloudMinea secure cloud-based platform that enables healthcare organizations to build on connected digital health applications, has announced a partnership with Infor, a leading enterprise technology supplier and ERP software provider. Together, these companies aim to pick up speed in healthcare’s digital transformation.

According to an article posted on PRWeb, CloudMine customers, ranging from pharmaceutical and biotech companies to healthcare providers, will gain even greater access to clinical systems and data such as electronic health records (EHR) through the use of Infor’s industry-leading cloud ERP healthcare integration platform. The partnership between Infor and CloudMine will allow the ability to capture and display patient information within digital health apps.

In addition, CloudMine customers will benefit from Cloverleaf functionality, which facilitates the movement of data through different systems. In return, Infor customers can gain access to CloudMine’s secure platform. This can enable healthcare organizations to build digital health apps faster, without compromising security or compliance.

The article mentions that as a result, patients will be able to access and capture data anywhere through mobile and loT (The Internet of Things) enabled devices. This will enable data to be shared with clinicians, providing a new, real-time data feed or contextual information. With a more vigorous data set, clinicians will be able to gain improved insights, accuracy and overall outcomes.

Todd Densley, Director of Channel Development at Infor, stated, “We are thrilled to work with an innovative partner in mobile application development, and exceptional traction in pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare provider circles. We see this partnership as a highly complementary and effective means to deliver digital healthcare applications for our customers.”

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