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Epicor Announces Release of LumberTrack 2020

Epicor Announces Release of LumberTrack 2020

Epicor Announces Release of LumberTrack 2020

Epicor Software Corporation, global provider of industry-specific enterprise software, announced the newest version of Epicor LumberTrack. The LumberTrack software enhancements include the introduction of LumberTrack AP Automation, a new API for Voyage Management, and increased user interface flexibility.

“The newest release of LumberTrack improves operational efficiency, adds flexibility and provides new open integration options,” said Kevin Hodge, senior director, product/lumber and building materials, Epicor. “LumberTrack 2020 continues our investment in providing automation, flexibility, open integrations and modern UX to the lumber and wood products industry.”

According to the announcement, Epicor LumberTrack AP Automation is a quick and easy way to streamline Accounts Payable (AP) processing. It uses optical character recognition (OCR) to extract pertinent information from scanned vendor invoices. It also integrates directly with Epicor LumberTrack, so invoices and values are accurately tracked in Vendor Invoicing.

The Voyage Management API is a new addition to the LumberTrack API suite that provides web services enabling LumberTrack clients to easily interface with external transportation management systems (TMS). Whatsmore, Epicor LumberTrack 2020 includes the launch of LumberTrack Kinetic, a new, best-in-class web user experience (UX). Developed for Sales, inventory and Customer Inquiry functionality, LumberTrack Kinetic is device responsive, enabling users to move seamlessly between desktop, tablets and smartphones. Mobilize your team, so they can improve productivity and better serve customers anytime, anywhere.

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