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Epicor ERP Brings docSTAR ECM and AP On-Board

Epicor ERP Brings docSTAR ECM and AP On-Board

Epicor ERP Brings docSTAR ECM and AP On-BoardEpicor ERP has acquired docSTAR, bringing along the company’s enterprise content management offerings into their portfolio. Their ERP platform primarily focuses on mid-market businesses, specifically in manufacturing and distribution. retail, and services. doSTAR, on the other hand, develops cloud based ECM software and AP (accounts payable) applications.With this acquisition, Tom Franceski former CEO of docSTAR, will head the document management business at Epicor as general manager.

docSTAR customers include Allison Marine Contractors, Inc., Crescent Crown Distribution, the Cleveland Indians, Mohawk Fine Papers, Inc., and the United Way of Greater Knoxville.

“We believe that this is a core capability that our Epicor ERP customers need and want, and we would like to be able to own the direction where the product is going,” Epicor VP, Kathy Crusco said. “They have a cloud solution that is very attractive and important for us because it marries up quite well with our cloud solution.”

“We’re interested in continuing to build out our ECM platform and ECM business and we’re viewing Epicor as one more distribution channel for us to continue our growth and the direction we’re on,” Tom Franceski said. “We’re going to run independently at some level, but we’re also going to leverage the strengths of Epicor. They’re an organization that has a lot of expertise around processes and how to run a successful software business, so we’re going to leverage the strength of the Epicor organization as much as we can, their business practices and everything associated with it to build an organization as strong as they are.”

“We haven’t had a lot of cross sales yet with Epicor and that’s one of the reasons why this is such an exciting opportunity,” he said. “The reality is that accounts payable automation penetration is still not that high, so there’s a lot of opportunity for growth there.”

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