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Epicor ERP Updated to 10.2

Epicor Prophet 21
Epicor Prophet 21

Source: Epicor

Yesterday, Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software, introduced the latest version of their flagship tool: Epicor ERP – the global enterprise resource planning solution in use today by thousands of companies in over 100 countries worldwide.

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According to the company, the latest release includes powerful new functionality to enable manufacturers to grow, innovate, and compete in today’s ever-changing global landscape.

Epicor 10.2 incorporates new capabilities like mobile Field Service Automation (FSA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), as well as new Business Intelligence (BI) and visual analytics capabilities delivered via Epicor Data Discovery (EDD).

A completely redesigned home page, Active Home Page, Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization, and new country and industry-specific functionality are also key features of the new version.

EDD doesn’t just provide real-time information for customers into their business in a visual way. Users are able to reconfigure graphics and charts to highlight new insights. It is also possibly to test out “what if” scenarios. Each home page is customizable to the relevant user, allowing personalization of home pages down to individual users.

New mobile FSA and CRM functionality empowers sales and service personnel in the field with the added convenience of mobile access from anywhere at any time.

Available in a cloud or on-premises delivery model, Epicor FSA features integrated mapping to support optimized scheduling and dispatch, and robust workflows to automate processes for asset management, contract, warranty and Service Level Agreement (SLAs), and management of service inventory.

Epicor CRM supports digitally enabled sales engagements for improved efficiency and productivity in buyer/seller experiences and revenue acceleration.

“Businesses that adopt the latest technologies in cloud, analytics, and employee experience will be fit to grow and respond to the new digital challenges of tomorrow while achieving a competitive advantage right now. In this, our third major release in the past 13 months, Epicor continues to deliver cloud-enabled, industry-specific functionality, globalization and localization, mobility, and action-oriented analytics, with continued improvements in customer experience, ease-of-use, and performance,” said Scott Hays, SVP Product Marketing, Epicor Software.

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