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Frequently Asked Questions About Cloud ERP – Panorama Consulting Solutions

Panorama Consulting Solutions is an IT consulting firm specializing in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) market for mid-to large-sized organizations around the world. Independent of affiliation, Panorama facilitates the evaluation and selection of ERP software, manages ERP implementation, and expedites all related organizational
change to ensure that each of its clients realize the full business benefits of their ERP systems.

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Panorama’s unique approach has been proven via ERP strategy, selection, implementation, organizational change management and business process re-engineering projects for nearly 300 clients across the globe.

Their whitepaper, Frequently Asked Questions About Cloud ERP, addresses many of the questions about the cloud that Panorama’s ERP consultants often field from clients uncertain about which ERP solution and deployment option to choose. Below is a little snippet from the whitepaper:

“Many IT industry analysts believe that ERP software stands on the verge of a cataclysmic shift away from on-premise, hosted solutions to solutions hosted in the “cloud.” The hype is alluring: cloud systems are online, subscription-based enterprise solutions that allow organizations to greatly reduce upfront costs and enjoy a greatly simplified implementation process. But, as with any new product, many organizations are hesitant to bite because of concerns including system security and overall information control. So how is one to decide whether or not to “jump into the cloud?”

Download here and find out.

Looking for more? Download our ERP Buyer’s Guide for free to compare the top 24 ERP software vendors head to head! The guide also includes 4 key capabilities to consider while selecting a new ERP solution and 10 questions to ask yourself and the software vendor before purchasing.

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