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How is AR/VR Transforming ERP?

How is AR/VR Transforming ERP?

How is AR/VR Transforming ERP?

Written by Nishtha Kumari 

A lot of things are happening around us, impressive innovations are taking place and one of the most impressive technologies with us today is AR/VR (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality). Today, there is a need for revamping traditional ERP systems and both AR and VR are reshaping society in a better and entertaining way, along with transforming ERP software. 

ERP is business management software that simply allows an organization to create accurate and efficient operations along with providing complete visibility to the core businesses processes. Implementing an ERP system can let the organization reap maximum benefits along with minimizing the risk of project failure. 

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The traditional systems are basically not designed and developed to withstand even the friction of the change in society. The demand for accurate, lightning fast speed up-to-date information keeps on escalating, hence the need for AR/VR comes in and changes the whole scenario in a better way. Here are a few ways ERP is beneficial for the organization:

  • Helps in increasing the productivity
  • Helps in improvising the collaboration
  • Data is readily available to each department in a single place
  • Helps in decreasing the operating costs in an organization
  • Helps in decision-making by offering each and every information easy and handy

You can see how ERP is already changing the way of working in a more organized and precise way and now think the amalgamation of AR/VR itself paints the whole concept into a better way. The most promising AR strength lies in changing the way traditional ERP systems work. 

How does AR Transform ERP?

Improving training

To get the best out of the ERP investment, businesses are meant to invest in apt training. This is where AR takes places while connecting employees to a remote instructor in real-time. This way, an organization can actually reduce and save the time an organization requires to train its employees on a new ERP system. By injecting the portion of AR, the need for the trainer to travel from one place to another will also get eliminated.

Improves order-picking

Order-picking is not just a word or a duty, it is a very crucial thing in order to ensure that customers have got the right delivery of the product along with the correct quantity. The process is time-consuming and quite lengthy in logistics companies. Scanning hundreds of barcodes manually is not an easy task. Thanks to AR that it helps in replacing the system with a mobile computer vision. The staff in the organization can easily use the software-equipped smart scanning devices which help in identifying the correct item for delivery.


A business is made up of its customers and their likeability towards the product. And to make your customers stick to your business, it is extremely important to offer them top-notch customer experience. This is the reason, you need to offer your customers the insights about the product before making them purchase. To rescue the business from this situation along with supporting in the same, AR technology takes the front seat and drives the whole experience of the users to the next level. In this way, users can easily get details and information about their products efficiently. 

Management in warehouses

Inventory management is one of the biggest challenges in the warehouse. As manual inventory is quite slow and is prone to human error. This is the reason, more companies are investing in barcode scanning devices in order to complete the work in a dedicated time-slot. AR-based barcode scanning devices are capable of improvising the inventorying along with curbing errors. And if a business or organization are planning to involve AR in their work area, the result will be quite fruitful and worthy.

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How does VR Transform ERP?

Remote workers

With the help of Virtual Reality, it is easy to make better relationships between those employees who are working remotely with their seniors and working groups. This way, virtual reality is actually making a bold move and helping people and workers around to have healthy connectivity with their seniors along with telling them if they are having any issues or problems while working.


Traveling for a business meeting is a tiresome task, you need to move from one place to another to attend the same. Moreover, it takes a good amount of time and other chores related to the same. Hence, VR can simply help in reducing business travel as long as companies use it in a smart way along with lowering travel costs altogether. This way, VR is very much active in offering better quality service apart from cutting the headache of traveling.

Helps in sales

VR helps in letting people compare two different things at the same time before buying the actual one along with testing them. Similar is the story when buying a car or any other product. In this way, VR technology will simply help in increasing the sales along with offering best in class experience to the users. Though, it also comes up with various challenges and restrictions. But, it is sure that VR technology is certainly going to help people in a precise way.

This is all about AR/VR helping in transforming the ERP system in a very precise and excellent way. Moreover, few of the things are yet to be accepted by the users and enterprises in a more realistic way. But together, these technologies are actually transforming for a better future.

Author Bio: Nishtha Kumari is the Content Specialist at Appventurez, a leading mobile app development company that offers cost-effective Android and iOS application design and development services in USA and India. Her priority is to cover up new technologies and techniques for her audience.

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