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IFS Hosts World Conference in Gothenburg

IFS Hosts World Conference in Gothenburg

IFS Hosts World Conference in GothenburgThis week IFS held its IFS World Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. Kicking off the event, CEO Alastair Sorbie presented a keynote speech titled “taking control of infinite possibilities”. Sorbie welcomed the audience to an introduction of the company’s goals and ideals. This year’s event was meant to reinforce IFS’ position in the market and presented its plans for growth in the coming years.

While IFS may not be the biggest brand in the ERP market, the firms boats that it retains twice as many customers than the industry average and that the employee retention rate is significantly hire than competitors.

“For us it’s important to get our brand awareness up and yes, we are aware that we are (for some) the best kept secret in the industry. Many of our customers tell us that they had never heard of us and only found out about us quite late on in the software product selection process — but we are working extremely hard to change this,” said Sorbie.

IFS has been looking to bring its software management capabilities to address new developments in the Internet of Things, noting that its customers will need to get business applications connected to their IoT base of devices in order to perform correct analytics.

IFS may also want to consider bringing data analytics forward into a usable dashboard to enable visualization. This would allow the company to utilize that information to execute the appropriate levels of of service management, predictive maintenance and other actions. The IFS Business Connector has the ability to gather data from products and equipment to identify observations that can trigger automated workflows in IFS software. Business Connector also provides plug and play connectivity with the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite for device communications and data analytics, alongside open APIs to connect other IoT platforms or specialized IoT discovery applications. The software has been designed to de-risk and accelerate IoT initiatives in areas including predictive maintenance,asset management, and manufacturing.

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