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KeyedIn Launches Automated Assistant for its ERP Manufacturing Solution

Source: KeyedIn

At this years FABTECH conference, KeyedIn revealed a new online assistant for its cloud-based manufacturing ERP solution that provides its users relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) along with historical information for parts, customers and vendors with the touch of a button. KeyedIn helps organizations simplify business processes, improve performance and drive results through its innovative SaaS-based business solutions.

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According to the announcement, the company’s new online Manufacturing Assistant feature gives manufacturers all the information they need to effectively develop estimates, provide price quotes, and create new parts. KeyedIn’s Manufacturing Assistant delivers this important information as part of the standard solution and also enables users to configure these standard KPIs to show information most useful to their business. Unlike other solutions with this functionality as a separate module or functioning in isolation from the critical information, the online assistant is available as an integrated part of KeyedIn Manufacturing.

“Manufacturers are often challenged by the lack of 360-degree insights while interacting with vendors and customers, including lack of visibility into current supply and demand for manufactured parts, historical order and quote information, and complete part history,” said Dave Lechleitner, Director of Product Marketing for KeyedIn. “Instead of shuffling through paper and spreadsheets to find the information they need, we make all of this information available in real-time and help manufacturers to better service their customers while providing improved insights into their business.”

The KeyedIn Manufacturing Assistant can instantly serve up KPIs and historical data for parts, customers and vendors:

Parts: It provides information on current inventory on hand, time phased supply/demand, sales, purchases, previous orders, and previous estimates. Manufacturers can review information for more accurate estimates, plan work orders for finished parts, or plan purchase orders for materials based on actual supply and demand.

Customers: Provides contact email and phone numbers, opportunities, quotes, orders, and shipments information. Salespeople and estimators can more easily and accurately manage customer contacts and have increased visibility to outstanding opportunities or orders.

Vendors: It provides contact email and phone numbers, purchase orders and receipts. With this data, purchasing or materials managers can better manage vendor relationships and have increased visibility to outstanding purchase orders or expected receipts.

The automated online assistant feature is now available as part of the cloud-based KeyedIn Manufacturing version 5.6, and is available anytime, anywhere and on any device. Read the full press release here for more information.

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