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Microsoft to Begin Salesforce Price War

Microsoft to Begin Salesforce PriceWar
Microsoft to Begin Salesforce PriceWar

Former friends, Salesforce and Microsoft, have turned into fierce competitors.

On Tuesday Microsoft displayed some impressive new features for its Dynamics 365 software. The software hosts a CRM module (Customer Relationship Management) that pits the tech giant firmly in competition against other vendors such as SAP, Oracle, and the market leader, Salesforce. Dynamics’ ERP and CRM functionality is one of the key reasons why Microsoft acquired LinkedIn earlier this year for $26 billion. The software allows users to to sort through data in MS documents, their ERP/CRM systems, and their social media accounts to provide sales leads and business analytical insights.

Microsoft has announced that it plans to start a price war with SalesForce beginning on November 1st after the release of the new Dynamics software. Microsoft Cloud’s vice president, Takeshi Numoto, has provided some details regarding the new pricing plan. He explained that Microsoft’s new subscription model for Dynamics 365 will combine many popular options instead of making organizations pay for each one per user, separately. He continued, saying that this approach could save four to five times the cost of tradition CRM vendors.

Even though Salesforce is known for being a bit pricey, it still allows IT departments to negotiate prices to fit business resources.

Numoto writes “With so much attention on artificial intelligence and the promise it holds, it can be hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. When it comes to business process – and your business – Dynamics 365 delivers the intelligence you need to transform, now, backed by decades of research and investment.”

Stay tuned to find out how this goes down come November!

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