Overview of the 2019 Digital Transformation HCM ERP Report

This video, provided by Eric Kimberling, ERP Software expert, provides an overview of Third Stage Consulting’s technology-agnostic 2019 Digital Transformation, HCM, and ERP Report. The study outlines findings from their latest annual benchmark study of digital transformations, HCM deployments, and ERP implementations across the globe. This year’s report contains deeper insights and analysis than of years past, including:

  • Average transformation implementation times, costs, and risks by company size
  • Statistical correlation and root cause analysis of variables having the most direct impact on transformation time, cost, and success
  • Top challenges faced by transformation executives and project teams
  • Ranking of top ERP systems based on this year’s data
  • Other qualitative trends and findings from the study

This report is intended to provide CXOs and project teams a deeper quantitative and qualitative understanding of how typical transformations evolve – as well as findings to help yours be more successful.

Download the full report here.

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