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Panorama Releases “Top 10 ERP Systems” List

Panorama Releases Top 10 ERP Systems

Panorama Releases "Top 10 ERP Systems" ListPanorama Consulting has released its annual list of the Top ERP Systems. The firm tracks more than 250 systems in their internal ERP vendor database to help clients select the most capable ERP software. The results of the study are entirely independent and our based on quantitative research and their own experience with the ERP software packages. The findings are based on five key criteria: market share, time to implement, cost to implement, cost to implement, time to realize benefits, and functional scoring from Panorama’s clients.

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The full report can be downloaded here.

 Market Share

While this doesn’t necessarily determine the “best” ERP systems, it does indicate the level of industry adoption and the amount of resources that are being spent on research and development.

ERP System Market Share
SAP HANA 20.3%
Oracle 13.9%
Microsoft Dynamics 365 9.4%

Implementation Time

Often Times Organiztaions dread a slow implementation process, By looking at what results companies are actually achieving can be a good benchmark. While ERP implementations for larger organizations can take years, these vendors had the shortest implementation durations.

ERP System Implementation Time (months)
Oracle 25
Infor CloudSuite 30

Cost of Implementation

The range of ERP implementation costs ranges between hundreds of thousands to millions. That can be a bit confusing for a company looking to invest in the technology. Panorama chose to normalize the implementation costs to account for the different company sizes.

ERP System Implementation Cost (% of revenue)
NetSuite 2.8%
IQMS 2.9%
IFS 4.0%

ERP Functionality Scores

Most organizations purchase a new ERP software looking for a specific functionality. It’s important to keep in mind that each organization has their own strengths and weaknesses. When Panorama looked at the functionality scores that were provided by their clients. a few vendors stood out above the rest.

ERP System Average Functional Score (Scale of 5)
IFS 3.6
Oracle 3.33
Epicor 3.2

Time to Realize Benefits

The study also looks at how long it takes businesses to realize the benefits from their investment in ERP. This can range from a few months to a few years.

ERP System Time to Realize Payback (months)
Epicor 8.6
NetSuite 8.7

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