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ProcessPro Unveils Premier 10.8

ProcessPro Unveils Premier 10.8

ProcessPro Unveils Premier 10.8

ProcessPro, a leading mid-market ERP software solution provider, recently announced the release of its newest version: Premier 10.8.

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According to the company, Premier 10.8 is a comprehensive release incorporating client feedback and industry trends to offer a versatile and user-friendly program. Many application enhancements are designed to place more power in the end users’ hands, leading to an overall improved experience for users and increased efficiencies across clients’ organizations.

Building off from Premier 10.7, highlights of the release include:

  • Updated messaging and alerts
  • Streamlined sales order and return order entry
  • Addition of e-signatures to QC results entry
  • Increased visibility of the Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) functionality

“We are committed to continued investment in ProcessPro Premier to further extend its industry-leading functionality and keep your business competitive within ever-changing markets. Feedback and suggestions from our customers allow us to continue to evolve the product and we are happy to provide our clients with a solution that will enhance their users’ day-to-day experience,” stated Molly Caron, Director, ProcessPro Operations.

ProcessPro also announced the updated release of ProcessPro Advanced Analytics, a powerful tool for delivering analytics and reporting. The end users’ experience is more streamlined to optimize the reporting functionality and mobile access, including updated connections, themes and support.

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