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ProfitKey Announces Major Release of Its PK 8 Next Generation ERP Application Suite

ProfitKey Announces Major Release of Its PK 8 Next Generation ERP Application Suite

ProfitKey Announces Major Release of Its PK 8 Next Generation ERP Application Suite

ProfitKey, a leading provider of ERP solutions and services for small and medium-size manufacturers and job shops, today announced the availability of PK 8.1, a major release of  its next generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite which helps manufacturers increase operational efficiency, increase sales, improve inventory management and enhance customer service levels.

Founded in 1979, ProfitKey provides integrated ERP/MES solutions and services designed for small and medium-size manufacturers and job shops operating in make-to-order, make-to-stock, engineer-to-order, and other discrete manufacturing environments.

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According to the announcement, PK 8.1 takes ERP navigability to the next level by featuring a new user interface that delivers one click, streamlined navigation and the look and feel of a Microsoft Office type environment. The release also includes multiple enhancements to its native CRM application including new Opportunity Analysis functionality, enabling a company to track its sales pipeline based on parameters that include confidence of quote and weighted by a confidence percentage. This allows sales managers to see which deals need attention before it’s too late and lets them and their reps focus proactively on activities with the greatest impact on deal closure.

“We are excited to release PK 8.1 which delivers an interface which is familiar to most customers and provides a seamless and elegant user experience,” said Randy Keith, CEO of ProfitKey.  “The new Opportunity Analysis functionality ultimately helps customers drive more leads and sales. This latest release also validates our commitment to deliver innovative and flexible new solutions which address the changing and unique business requirements of SMMs and job shops.”

PK 8, the next generation of its Rapid Response Manufacturing ERP suite, provides discrete manufacturers and job shops complete visibility across their operations and innovative functionality to manage production processes, suppliers and customers, while tracking sales, orders and inventory throughout the supply chain.

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