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Rootstock Software Acquires ERP Competitor Kenandy

Rootstock Software Acquires ERP Competitor Kenandy
Rootstock Software Acquires ERP Competitor Kenandy

Source: Rootstock Software

Rootstock Software, a leading cloud manufacturing and supply chain Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution provider, recently announced its completed acquisition of Kenandy Inc., a developer of cloud ERP software.

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Since both companies have built their solutions on the platform and toolsets, this acquisition further solidifies Rootstock Software’s standing as a leading developer of cloud ERP applications focused on the needs of manufacturers, distributors and supply chain organizations utilizing the Salesforce Platform.

“By combining the talent, skills and intellectual property of both companies, Rootstock will achieve greater economies of scale to compete with the likes of Oracle-NetSuite, Microsoft and SAP, while giving us the ability to create more cutting-edge capabilities for Kenandy and Rootstock customers,” said Patrick Garrehy, CEO of Rootstock. “Both Rootstock and Kenandy are known for taking a customer-centric approach to ERP, and this furthers Rootstock’s recent focus on advancing personalized manufacturing with capabilities that deliver a more individualized customer experience across all customer touch points in an organization.”

According to the company, the combination of Rootstock Cloud ERP, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud and the underlying Salesforce Platform technologies, such as Salesforce IoT and Einstein Analytics, form a compelling choice for manufacturers, distributors and supply chain organizations aiming to compete more effectively and better serve their customers.

“As the cloud marketplace has matured, buyers are increasingly making CRM and ERP decisions in the context of an overall cloud platform strategy,” said Garrehy. “This acquisition creates a bigger, stronger entity focused on building cloud ERP applications for those who choose the Salesforce Platform as their underlying technology.“

Rootstock, which recently announced a strategic win replacing SAP at Mipox, a global producer of polishing films for the high-tech industry, to provide cloud ERP applications for more than 400 users in 12 countries, aims to not only advance ERP technology with the combined companies, but also continue developing best practices that aid manufacturers in migrating from legacy ERP.

“When it comes to cloud ERP implementations, customer success is often determined by how you implement, not just what you implement,” said Garrehy. “Our combined company is dedicated to making the transition from legacy ERP easier for our customers. We welcome Kenandy customers into the Rootstock fold.”

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