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Rootstock Software Introduces RootScan: A Mobile App for Android Devices

Rootstock Software Introduces RootScan: A Mobile App for Android Devices

Rootstock Software Introduces RootScan: A Mobile App for Android Devices

Rootstock Software, a leading provider of cloud manufacturing and supply chain ERP solutions, announced that RootScan, their robust mobile app, is now available for Android phones and tablets. This means the management of transactions related to inventory, production, shipping, fulfillment, labor and customer service can now be easily performed on any Android device whether the user is on the shop floor, at home or at a customer site.

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According to the company, when RootScan was initially offered, earlier this year, it provided mobile workers with a number of features for inventory management, order fulfillment, work order management, shipping, and receiving: barcode scanning and printing, generating stock overviews, the ability to execute location to location transfers, adjustments to inventory location, receiving items into inventory, issuing material into a work order, time card management and much more.

This new version for Android devices introduces new features, including the ability to view, edit, and create sales quotes and orders, anywhere and at any time. Based on months of input from users of the original iOS version, RootScan now comes with an enhanced user interface to make it more intuitive to make day-to-day tasks even easier to complete.

The app is directly connected to Rootstock and requires no integration or third-party middleware connection. It is fully supported by Rootstock ERP so there is no need for integration management or development efforts by the user. It is built using the Salesforce Mobile SDK providing customers with a direct connection to their Salesforce and Rootstock cloud environment delivering transactions in real time, according to Rootstock Software. The RootScan app is available on Google Play and the App Store.

“User feedback for RootScan has been very positive since we launched the iOS version of the app in June,” states Patrick Garrehy, CEO of Rootstock. “RootScan has proven that it improves our customers productivity and ability to serve their customers. Now, our manufacturing and distribution customers who use Android devices can enjoy those benefits, too.”

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