The Best ERP Certifications Available for IT Professionals

The Top ERP Certifications Available for IT Professionals

Which Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) certifications are in the highest demand? Why should your business care about ERP certifications, and how can your IT professionals get those ERP certifications? To ensure all people engaged in ERP system implementation, deployment, and support have sufficient understanding of ERP system logic and functionality, ERP software vendors, especially the big ones like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Infor, and others have developed their own ERP certification programs.

Considering ERP Certifications

It’s a good thing to note that due to varying degrees of knowledge, proficiency levels, and ERP knowledge areas, its common for ERP certification programs to be divided into functional areas. These usually tend to be separated by functional ERP modules (financials, HR, manufacturing, procurement, etc.), or by type of tasks performed by specific user groups, such as administrators, analysts, or functional users. And depending on which certification program you choose, length and delivery of such differ, but in general, take from days to weeks and can be provided in person or via remote educational programs.

Getting ERP Certified Pros

  • Being exposed to the system means being overwhelmed by learning how to understand all the features and functions. Although this may seem stressful, it will help employees to improve their current roles, or even make it easier to transition to another role when the time comes.
  • Having ERP certified employees helps to improve customer confidence and trust.
  • Knowing more about the ERP system features and functions also allows employees to think about it as the big picture, and as a result, improves the use of the system and Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Being ERP certified indicates employees have a certain level of knowledge about the system, therefore implying commitment to learning about and keeping up to date their knowledge.

Getting ERP Certified Cons

  • Certificants generally have a short life span, which require employees to keep up to date with the latest product or update. This can be a very lengthy and costly process.
  • It’s possible that individuals may be able to cheat with the help of someone who has already taken the exam. And if that’s the case, it’s safe to assume that just because an individual had enough knowledge on the subject to at one point pass the test, doesn’t mean that they have the knowledge now.

Top ERP Certifications

ERP Certification

MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

This certification demonstrates your expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 technologies to implement the basic technical and development tasks required to customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. This audience typically includes technical consultants, programmers, and IT personnel. Microsoft offers a number of ERP certifications for the company’s ERP platform: Microsoft Dynamics 365. View the entire list here.

Oracle SaaS ERP Certifications

Oracle provides many ERP certification paths, including Financials Cloud: Accounting Hub Cloud, General Ledger Cloud, Payables Cloud, Receivables and Collections Cloud, and Revenue Management Cloud. The company also offers Procurement Cloud, Project Financials Management Cloud, and Risk Management Cloud. Earning an Oracle Certification empowers you with the latest product-specific knowledge and skills to compete in the rapidly changing world of technology, and sets you apart, giving you an edge in job interviews.

SAP Certifications

Get comprehensive, up-to-date training and enablement across the SAP software portfolio – in a variety of formats – to learn about and adopt innovative technology. The SAP Global Certification program leverages interactive, user-friendly enablement and certification to drive continuous learning. SAP offers 150 plus globally recognized certifications for key SAP software focus areas, roles, and skill levels.

Udemy ERP Courses

Udemy is an online learning platform designed for professional adults and students. Whether you’re interested in learning how to use specific ERP softwares, like SAP ERP, or simply want a broad introduction to the concepts that underpin ERP project management tactics, Udemy has a host of top-rated courses to help you achieve your goals.

NetSuite Certification Program

The NetSuite Certification Program allows individuals to become part of an elite NetSuite professional network, increase professional opportunities, distinguish themselves from non-certified peers and access a closed LinkedIn community of other NetSuite Certified individuals for networking. The NetSuite ERP Consultant Certification consists of two exams; the SuiteFoundation Exam and the ERP Consultant Exam. More details can be found here.

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