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The Consumerization of IT and The Future of ERP

The Consumerization of IT and The Future of ERP

The Consumerization of IT and The Future of ERPWith the millennial generation soon to comprise half of the world’s workforce, we expect the digital enterprise to make more advancements in the coming years than ever before. Businesses will need to quickly adapt in order to attract and retain the best talent, while also adjusting their internal systems to meet the technological demands of this generation of young professionals. In today’s world, user’s need to be able to access enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems from anywhere and at anytime. Because most millennials’ most prominent experience with IT were through sites like Facebook and Google, future ERP systems will need to mirror those experience to accommodate users with a more intuitive user interface.

With the workforce becoming increasingly mobile, ERP systems will also need to allow system access from any device at any location. When users are provided with these mobile ERP systems, they’re typically happier and more comfortable and happier, effectively increasing efficiency. That being said, it’s important that the mobile design of an ERP system is at the forefront of your thought process. Once an intuitive mobile design is perfected, you can then move on to more stationary devices such as desktop computers.

Mobile app stores have also contributed to the growing role in the increasing consumerization of ERP systems. These online stores have altered the public perception of software;. With the rise of the apps tore, software has become more accessible, easy to install, and more intuitive to use. This same expectation for simplicity carries over to Enterprise resource Planning Software as well. As a result, vendors operating in the ERP arena will need to be able to deliver accessible and easy to use technology.

The consumerized approach of ERP will probably have an additional positive impact on the overall user experience of such tools. ERP applications on the app store would need to by approved of the store itself to ensure that the software package complies with usability and intuitiveness factors. It should also be understood that in the new consumerized market, consumers are demanding easy “plug and play” software operation.

In conclusion, developers that are looking to market ERP systems to the millennial generation must understand the nature of the modern “Instant gratification user” This should mean delivering solutions that are easy to use , mobile, and user friendly. If vendors are able to deliver on these points, businesses will likely see a big boost in productivity and in efficiency.

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