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Top ERP Blogs You Need to Be Following in 2017

Top ERP Blogs You Need to Be Following in 2017

Top ERP Blogs You Need to Be Following in 2017Enterprise Resource Planning is an integral component to a number of industries, including manufacturing, education, and retail. Keeping your finger on the pulse of the latest developments in this technology can give you a leg-up on competitors while also providing insights on the future of the industry. Everyday I speed through the web looking for the latest news on enterprise resource planning, and while I always enjoy discovering new blogs reporting on ERP, I always manage return to my favorites. I decided it was time to stop being so selfish and share some of these with you too. Check it out!

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ERP Software Blog

If you forgive the less than creative name, ERP Software Blog provides some of the most up-to-date sources for news on the space. This site features insightful reviews and opinions from Microsoft Dynamics experts and is updated often throughout the week.  While the blog is mainly focused in the realm of Dynamics, it also provides valuable free resources for general ERP enthusiasts.

Check it out here!

ERP Blog Entries Toolbox

Sort of a massive “best of” compilation bringing together the best ERP blog posts from across the web. The list is in chronological order for your own convenience, making sure that you see the latest news first. With ERP ToolBox, you can also engage in discussion with other ERP specialists to share best practices and software advice.

Check it out here!

I Blog ERP

I Blog ERP is one consultant’s account of the advances and evolution of the ERP software industry. With 20 years of experience in the space, the author follows the market and market players with a close watch. Instead of spewing out already public information, I Blog ERP digs a bit deeper and provides personal insight, opinions, or behind the scenes stories.

Check it out, here!

ERP Blogger

Another choice ERP blog comes from um… ERP Blogger. Authored by Jeffrey, a consultant who makes a living providing direction, coaching and advice for ERP software selection projects, implementation project, and post-optimization  operational engagements, ERP Blogger provides insight into a number of software offerings, including SAP, Oracle, Aplicor, NetSuite, and Infor.

Check it out, here!


gotERP presents itself as a meeting place style blog designed to act as a central hub of ERP industry research, expert insight, peer advice, and independent ERP software review. The blog covers five categories of ERP software applications:

  1. Accounting Software Systems
  2. Customer Relationship Management
  3. Human Resources and Payroll Systems
  4. Distribution and Supply Chain Management
  5. Manufacturing Software Systems.

Check it out, here!

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